Thursday, December 11, 2008

World Financial Crisis in the Eyes of a Photographer

A new album called «Bunkrupt» was recently released by a famous photographer Phillip Toledano dedicated to the world financial crisis. In the album is a collection of photos, taken in offices of bankrupt companies. What turned out from this idea see below...
These images document the human costs of economic failure. The experience was more like economic archeology, than photography.There was an unsettling , Pompeii-like stillness to recently abandoned offices. A coat hanger waiting patiently for a coat. A flattened gym sock. An inspirational poster, with no one to inspire. Everywhere, signs of life, interrupter...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New blog - My Bits N Pieces

I recently started a new blog, its a place where I have decided that I will write down everything and everything that comes to my mind. I won't have to categorize or make an excuse for writing a post!

It's called My Bits N Pieces, but the name doesn't say it all. Its a place where I would like to share my thought and hear your thought and ideas. A place where YOU and I can share things.

This is a place where I will be leaving comments regarding the One minute Writer blog that I from time to time try to comment on, the She Writes. You Write and also the Sunday Scribblings blog that I recently plan to start following!

If you want to exchange link with any of my blogs, please click here to exchange link for the My Bits N Pieces blog, or click here to exchange links for the Random Finds blog , I love sharing!

Treat yourself to a magazine Subscription! Take time out for your beautiful self!

I know exactly what I'm going to write about today!!! We all love reading magazines, right? I do, I swear I could sit for hours reading a Cosmo or Vanity Fair.. couldn't you?
Its all about gossip, shopping and latest events, but all will agree it really does help get your mind of things from time to time.

I recently bought a subscription online actually for a number of magazines with such an amazing discount and I thought I had to share them with you, otherwise its just mean!

First of all Maxim (1-year subscription) for only $10 for a one year subscription and I think this also includes FREE shipping if you make an order over $25. I think you would be saving over 80% from the original price of a one year subscription. Just think this could be a nice gift for your husband of boyfriend! :)

The second one that I ordered was Cosmopolitan (1-year subscription) and once again the price was only $18, having me a saving of over 60% from the actual annual subscription price!!! Now this is more of a present for yourself this Christmas!! We have to think of ourselves from time to time and make small resents to ourselves! ( keeping in mind that for the most part I'm guessing a female would be reading this post!:) )

And yet another one, I actually got this one for my sister, it s a TWO year subscription to Teen Vogue (2-year subscription) for an amazing $10 deal!!! You are saving over 80% on this one! And trust me your teenage daughter of friend would love a present such as this! ( or maybe a complimentary present to something else she/he would be getting this year!:)

And last and not least, this was my fourth subscription for next year, and its was the Wired (1-year subscription) magazine. Have to be honest this is one more present for my lovely self, I love to read about the latest gadgets and things that are new! This magazine says it all!
Now to sum this up, if you do the math, you will see that if you get a number of these and the total would be over $25 then you would get a great deal with FREE shipping.
Another issue thought is that these subscriptions are only for US, so at the moment they are not willing to deliver outside. i have a friend who keeps traveling back and forth, so that's why I made my orders online and have them delivered to the US.
Well enjoy and hope this was of some help!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!!!

I have been facing a dilemma, I have been given an opportunity to choose a Christmas present and honestly I'm clueless!!! Actually, if I say that then I would be lying. I have come across this ring, ummm, the right way would be to say rings...
The thing is that its in our nature to get a bargain, right? Who would want to pay more if they can pay less...

I have never bought anything on Amazon so I really don't know how much I could trust them with this purchase of this beautiful ring. Has anyone ever bought anything online from Amazon and can share their experience?

Both of these are amazing, at least that's how they look when I look at them on my screen. And plus who would be able to say NO to a bargain when you are given a 70% discount! I know I wouldn't pay over $1500 for any of these, but with such a big discount - a $299 sounds so nice (at least top my husband it did! :) )
So coming back to my dilemma, is this worth the money? NEED HELP! :)
And good luck to all of you with this years Christmas shopping!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Honestly I have just ran out of ideas of what to write. I thought this blog writing thing would be easier than it turns out to be. I would appreciate some feedback maybe as regards what you might expect to read or my blog. Maybe your could share your interests with me and then I could get ideas from that.

Today I'm not going to talk about Internet. Today I would like to share a personal beauty secret in everyone that I found out about today. Have any of you ever heard of Castor oil (Oleum Ricini. Ricinus communis.)? Did you know that its the best hair care there is! I'm actually silting right now looking ridiculous - cause I have a whole bottle of this oil in my hair and my husband isn't talking to me cause he is saying that I look like, um how to put this,just picture this, oily hair, all covered with transparent paper.

Well that is not the point. the point is that it is amazing for your hair. all the crazy things we do to look and feel good. Just make sure that You repeat this once a week for a month. You will be so surprised at the perfect hair that you have. I'm a perfect person to talk about hair, as I have done so many things with my hair. Nothing crazy, like green or blue, but I have had it colored a hundred tines from blond to brunette.

Give it a try I would love your comments on weather it has helped you as much as it has helped me.

This is it for tonite!

Day 10 winner -

I'm not sure if this is of any interest to anyone, but I sometimes enjoy playing poker *both real money and just for fun* I decided to share this site with all of you. One might think that I'm an affiliate and just trying to make money, honestly I wish I was, but I'm not sure how to do it so nope.

Well on this site you can play live games with thousands of people who are online at the same time. Plus the money, you can make a bet of 2 cents or as high as a couple thousand bucks!
So please give this site a go and check it out!

Oh nearly forgot to mention the best part, if you register and make ur first deposit to play with real money you get a 100% bonus on your deposit, unfortunately only up toUSD 50. Just a little note to keep in mind! :)

Please also check out my other post day 8 winner- regarding Christmas presents, its just around the corner!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 9 Winner -

Today I'm gonna be brief, I just want to make a post in regards a site that was recommended by Tensing S who left a comment in my previous post Day 7 Winner - regarding this interesting and awesome website! I didn't know there was such an easy way to watch movies online! Please check it out and leave your comments!!!

Also please check out my previous post about Christmas shopping and presents!!! I have tried to come up with some suggestions of things you could give your friends, relatives, anyone!