Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Treat yourself to a magazine Subscription! Take time out for your beautiful self!

I know exactly what I'm going to write about today!!! We all love reading magazines, right? I do, I swear I could sit for hours reading a Cosmo or Vanity Fair.. couldn't you?
Its all about gossip, shopping and latest events, but all will agree it really does help get your mind of things from time to time.

I recently bought a subscription online actually for a number of magazines with such an amazing discount and I thought I had to share them with you, otherwise its just mean!

First of all Maxim (1-year subscription) for only $10 for a one year subscription and I think this also includes FREE shipping if you make an order over $25. I think you would be saving over 80% from the original price of a one year subscription. Just think this could be a nice gift for your husband of boyfriend! :)

The second one that I ordered was Cosmopolitan (1-year subscription) and once again the price was only $18, having me a saving of over 60% from the actual annual subscription price!!! Now this is more of a present for yourself this Christmas!! We have to think of ourselves from time to time and make small resents to ourselves! ( keeping in mind that for the most part I'm guessing a female would be reading this post!:) )

And yet another one, I actually got this one for my sister, it s a TWO year subscription to Teen Vogue (2-year subscription) for an amazing $10 deal!!! You are saving over 80% on this one! And trust me your teenage daughter of friend would love a present such as this! ( or maybe a complimentary present to something else she/he would be getting this year!:)

And last and not least, this was my fourth subscription for next year, and its was the Wired (1-year subscription) magazine. Have to be honest this is one more present for my lovely self, I love to read about the latest gadgets and things that are new! This magazine says it all!
Now to sum this up, if you do the math, you will see that if you get a number of these and the total would be over $25 then you would get a great deal with FREE shipping.
Another issue thought is that these subscriptions are only for US, so at the moment they are not willing to deliver outside. i have a friend who keeps traveling back and forth, so that's why I made my orders online and have them delivered to the US.
Well enjoy and hope this was of some help!

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