Sunday, December 7, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend!!!

I have been facing a dilemma, I have been given an opportunity to choose a Christmas present and honestly I'm clueless!!! Actually, if I say that then I would be lying. I have come across this ring, ummm, the right way would be to say rings...
The thing is that its in our nature to get a bargain, right? Who would want to pay more if they can pay less...

I have never bought anything on Amazon so I really don't know how much I could trust them with this purchase of this beautiful ring. Has anyone ever bought anything online from Amazon and can share their experience?

Both of these are amazing, at least that's how they look when I look at them on my screen. And plus who would be able to say NO to a bargain when you are given a 70% discount! I know I wouldn't pay over $1500 for any of these, but with such a big discount - a $299 sounds so nice (at least top my husband it did! :) )
So coming back to my dilemma, is this worth the money? NEED HELP! :)
And good luck to all of you with this years Christmas shopping!

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NIKA said...

honey choose the one on the it has some shape to it :) mmmm now you got me thinking about what i want for Xmass. I will be comming on 24th night, all I want for Xmass is you :)x