Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New blog - My Bits N Pieces

I recently started a new blog, its a place where I have decided that I will write down everything and everything that comes to my mind. I won't have to categorize or make an excuse for writing a post!

It's called My Bits N Pieces, but the name doesn't say it all. Its a place where I would like to share my thought and hear your thought and ideas. A place where YOU and I can share things.

This is a place where I will be leaving comments regarding the One minute Writer blog that I from time to time try to comment on, the She Writes. You Write and also the Sunday Scribblings blog that I recently plan to start following!

If you want to exchange link with any of my blogs, please click here to exchange link for the My Bits N Pieces blog, or click here to exchange links for the Random Finds blog , I love sharing!

1 comment:

shewritesyouwrite said...

hey girl... thanks for mentioning me here :o) after i post this comment, i'll go check on your other blog.

it's a sure delight to hear what you have to say on my posts...(wink)